Outta Ya System

by Ronnie Icon




released 14 April 2014



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Ronnie Icon The Netherlands

Ronnie Scholtes is an ambitious composer, producer and singer.

Ronnie writes and produces electronic pop music. He's enrolled in a fulltime music education called: Musician/Producer in Rhoon, The Netherlands.

Ronnie also composes the scores for indie title Samurai Legends and mods Mafia Titanic Mod and Alchemilla Mod.
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Track Name: Outta Ya System
Verse 1
First off, I 'aint trying to be mean, but this is damage to your self esteem.
You seem to think that you're something you're not, but Imma give you one shot, to try and give it some thought.
There's a blind spot, so try not to be defensive when I tell you something that may be a bit sensitive.
You seem to think the world's in need of your existence, but I am here to get it (outta your system).

PreChorus 1
The one you see in the mirror is not who I'm looking at
'Cause the one I'm talking to, cannot live up to that.

Oh, your view is distorted and it's making you crazy.
you're ordinary x3
Oh, no way to restore it, with your attitude baby.

Verse 2
Yeah man, snap back to reality.
Wake up from all of the insanity.
Insecurity disguised as vanity.
Acting like you made the Bohemian Rhapsody.

Here's something that'll raise confusion, all illusions are the product of you choosing to be delusional.
Hallelujah to the non-conclusion that your talents are direct results of evolution.

When you come to the realization that we're part of a nation that is built on frustration,
you change your perspective, to be more objective, no longer responding to collective

(outta your system outta outta your system)
paving the way for a new share of wisdom
(outta your system outta outta your system)
Get it outta your system outta outta your system

PreChorus 2
Don't think that what you do or what you are is new.
There are at least a thousand more like you.


Nothing, will change the way you view the world.
People like you are better left ignored.